F 2-3 First Light

First Light

I heard your weeping and moaning go mute
and then all was dark as a tomb at night.
I felt myself bob the way a small boat
reels across a large body of water.
All brightened, and I had to blink my eyes—
two shiny figures caught and lifted me;
their wings shimmered like water in sunlight.
I gazed at the distant purpling skies
Then saw trees sagging with lush mangos,
oranges, kiwis, and melodious
voices sang so sublime I could have cried
but they whispered it is time to return.
Their radiance began to dim and fade
until all was black, and I lay stone still.
Sisters, I heard a voice which pierced my soul:
Lazarus come out. I felt lifted up—
Loose him and let him go. Precious sight!
I saw your startled and tear-filled faces,
and our families with His faithful friends.
He spoke the truth: there is no darkness there.


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