M 1-30 The Brightest Dawn

The Darkest Hour—The Brightest Dawn

Eons ago, review with me Christ’s scorn:
His back was flayed to shreds. His crown pierced thorns.
Soldiers hammered and nailed His hands and feet.
His cherished ones and friends shunned His defeat.
Under bleak skies He hung for six hours.
He poured His life under the tempter’s power.
We watched His Father’s cup soak in the ground.
The sins of all the world in Him were bound.
On Passover, the Lamb of God was slain.
How can we sense the depth and breadth – His pain?
Darkness had fled. He rose from Death’s stone space.
Mary rejoiced when she saw His dear face.
Precious Savior, our bodies shall decay.
You promised us: Don’t fear at Judgment Day.