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Who Leads The V Formation?

The viper vandalized God’s Word.
Eve vacillated; she voided Father’s plan
and vilified His garden sanctuary:
she and Adam ate voluptuous fruit,
vainly hid, were evicted and exiled as vagabonds.
The viper’s venom poisoned them and all their progeny.

Abel’s gift to Father was venerable and valuable;
Cain’s gift was vain and vapid—his gift vetoed,
Cain stood vexed, nursed venomous thoughts
and hatched a vile plot: he acted viciously,
violently and violated his brother’s life—
Abel’s vital blood vanished into the earth.
Cain felt vindicated in righteous vengeance
as did Lamech’s “seventy-sevenfold.” *

Henceforth, men have become volatile, voracious,
vociferous, and pursue virility—although many
try to live virtuous, visionary, and vibrant lives. We men
strive to vanquish our inherited vice on our own volition,
and feel validated through voluntary good deeds,
but many of us still succumb to vainglory and venality.
The world, the flesh, and the devil vex and vie against us
and their golden veneers veils a bottomless vortex.

The Master shows how veneration to the Father—
being vulnerable, vigilant, a vessel filled with His agape—
is the only veritable and valid way to veer from violation
and violence against Him, others, and our vaulted egos.
His vision for us is not only possible but viable.
No more victors and victims! Drink deep His vintage Word—
the antidote against venom flowing through our veins.
“And this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith.” *

*Gen. 4:24, 1 John 5:4

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