8-11 Biblos 1

Biblos 1

Eons ago, I AM caused the first spark
And all began to spread.
I AM uttered light to streak in the dark,
From what He purely said.

When Moses asked, “You can tell them I AM.”
The people learned of Law
And to sacrifice bullocks and lambs,
But their hearts brimmed with straw.

Moses through Ezra wrote on parchment scrolls
What I AM’s Spirit spoke.
His people worshiped shrines and sacred poles
And left I AM heart broke.

The written word was inked on dried sheep skin.
I AM gave up His Lamb
To heal and teach the way to conquer sin:
“Abraham was, I AM.”

Radiance glows from every Scripture’s page.
The Lamb ignited the Word
Within the Book, from age to age to age,
And in the heart, He’s heard.

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