2-13 Ode To Black

A book gave a prompt to write an “ode to a color” and showed examples of one in gray, another one in yellow. Here’s mine:

Ode To Black
Ink. Print.
Oil. Ford Model T. Soot. Tires. Ice. Tar. Coal. Tape. Boards. Clarinet. Lone Ranger’s mask.

Widow. Raven’s eye. Mamba. Cat. Panther. Bear. Wolf. Beretta. Funerals. Clergy. Umbrellas.

Pupils. Mascara. Eye liners. Head. Hair. Combs. Nail polish. Shoe polish. Tuxedo. Top hat.

Leather. Gothic. Devil. Witch’s dress. Dracula. Bats. Mass. Magic. Onyx. Gunpowder

Market. Judges. Mail. Guard. Sheep. Foot. Skin. Jack. -and-blue. Eye. History. Power. Belt.

Olives. Pepper. Beans. Rice. Coffee. Tea. Grapes. Pudding. Berries. Licorice.

Out. Clouds. Rain. Matter. Energy. Hole.

Paint it                        Fade to