2-12 Ode To Immanuel

Ode to Immanuel

When Zeus, ground in the earth by Roman heel,
And Jupiter, smitten in love with Lo,
Zion was stamped under Roman Eagle seals.

Pax Romana reigned over Judea and Galilee,
And Jews paid poll tax, land tax, temple tax,
Tax after tax—and prayed for Him to set them free.

Says your God; her penalty is paid,
her term of bondage is served.1
How long shall they bow under Caesar’s coin and blade?

How long shall the Ancient One oppress?
You shall cause a righteous branch to spring up;
He shall execute justice and righteousness.2

When stars fall from the sky and all see a darkened sun,3
Immanuel, once more, we wait for Your redemption.

1Is. 40:2, 2Jer.33:15, 3Mk.13:25, 5