2-9 Morning Star

Morning Star

First Cause breathed all worlds into being
(As orbiting lenses bring tiny spirals into seeing),
And shaped symmetry and tones to butterfly wings;
Poured living water from cloud-capped springs.

He sent a shimmering being one night
To grimy herders, soul-stricken with fright,
About a birth this day in the city of David *
Hidden among sheep and lambs, goats and kids.
A Deliverer swaddled in a feeding-box bed;
a Hebrew infant resting his dear sweet head.
Above, an assembly chanted with single accord
Glory to the Holy One, the highest Lord. *

Swiftly the sky turned dark, spotted with stars,
But one streamed ahead, from heights so far.
The herders left all and trekked to that beam…
Lost in the spectacle they had just seen:

A mystery so deep, so impossible to grasp;
A mystery so beautiful, so impossibly vast.

*Luke 2:11,14

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