11-8 Host

The publics health model shows the relationship between the host. the agent(s) and the environment in factoring disease. This emerged due to an intimidating and potentially violent client I had to deal with years ago. Of course, I was the host:


Remembrance of wrongs . . . is the ruin of virtues, the poison of the soul, a nail piercing the soul.
— “On Malice,” The Ladder of Divine Ascent. John Climacus.

This dark figure breaks in, sneers—
ransacks my house day and night,
however swept and tidy.

After every prayer for the Holy One
to evict this dark figure, it returns with seven nails
and pounds and pounds and pounds . . .

no barbed wire bisects obsession and possession.

A spirit passed before my face; the hair on my flesh stood up, Job 4:15 tells me.

Next week,
veiled behind his flesh, He returns.

No exit.

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  1. deep and dark

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