11-7 A Trumpet Solo . . .

Won’t win any poetical awards but sure has a cleansing value:

A Trumpet Solo Among Brass Backgrounds

The biggest herd of elephants in this Great Country
streams black pee into rivers, water tables and oceans.
They dump dung mountain ranges as tall
as their ivory towers but license only a few dung beetles
to barely scrape and remove piles out of sight.

From their raised trunks, they toot about family herd values,
but gore through and through other animal pleas to reduce waste.
Pedigree pachyderms spend billions of choice green leaves to sharpen tusks
As their legal mouthpieces blow accompaniments in the background.
Bovine opponents are known to bray vocerficiously
about toxic watering holes, plastic oceans, and minority status.

The bull elephant preens and trumps his prodigious trunk daily,
and his herd follows him in single file, coiling their trunks
around the tails of elephants before them.