1-14 Just One Plea

I’m taking (auditing) a seminary school class on the Holy Spirit; 3 books to read, 3 papers to write.  This has been an issue with me for a LONG time. Wrote this yesterday:

Just One Plea

At 70, what am I missing?

I am saved, a priestly nation—

There’s no point in such reminiscing.


What is Holy Spirit baptism?

I study Paul’s exhortations—

Believers stream Light like a prism


But I remain hesitant, in doubt:

Between funk and celebration,

Sip Living Water or parched with drought.


No doubt, fear grounded in unbelief

Quenches the Spirit’s gestation—

A golden fount stolen by Sin’s thief.


Is it simply to cry on my knees,

To reap Spirit’s incarnation?

Should hoping, praying become pleas?