11-29 The Sound Eye

Periodically I browse in the religion section at Edward McKay’s used books–and have found many delightful and inspiring Christian books. Last week I saw Inklings of reality by Donald T. Williams, looked into it and bought it. Wow. He is a theologians, wrote many books and what caught my eye, and outstanding poet in metric compositions. This one emerged:

The Sound Eye


The soul’s eye glimpses and picks some worldview,

And mind’s sword cleaves: godly or godless.

Orbiting galaxies, with retinue,

Quantum ripples repel, and coalesce . . .

Reality is a chance impromptu,

Or a Creator’s life-breathing process.


For those who advocate a godless view:

From nothing we came and nowhere we go;

From dust we came to dusty rendezvous . . .

Coffins are filled with their precious cargo

And lowered. Loved ones bid tearful adieus

And ponder: it ends there, six-feet below?


The Perennial Philosophy view:

All faiths are fingers to the hand of God.

Souls seek what is transcendentally true

(Popular acclaim, or patently odd.)

Pick a choice morsel from religion’s brew.

Follow where Krishna or Mohammad trod.


So, how do sound minds judge the correct view?

There was a man. He healed the sick and raised the dead.

The hour came—to the end he foreknew:

He stretched his arms—thorns pierced into His head—

Cried—bled out—and died. Why? To rise anew!

Each soul can face the end, jettison dread,

Hope upon hope, to taste His Pascal bread.