Jessica was born 11-19-82. 35 today! She is a gift from God and we are eternally grateful.



From the bottomless shaft of sleep

“My water broke.” In red glow: 12:30 PM


My drive to Cape Fear Valley Hospital took seconds

but the night moved a glacier’s inch.


The fetal heart monitor slushed noisy beats

from my love’s ocean bubble. My cassette

stole your little heart forever.


10 centimeters.

Chris climbs into the saddle,

arches her back 180° as her screams

shook florescent ceiling lights

and rattled instrument trays.


Delivery room cheerleaders chanted

Push! Push! Push. Squeezing tears,

My teeth grind to the gums, clamping her hand.


A mushroom cap sprouted from black roots

as your chalk-white head emerged—

oblong head and tubular body squirted

into alien space, blinding suns.


Babbling and jabbering, I sleepwalk

in orbit around my love, cupping you

in my hands. Here she is! Here she is!


Your pink fingers

corkscrewed wound my pinkie

with primate strength.


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