11-5 To An Unknown God

To An Unknown God


Only he who believes is obedient; only he who is obedient believes.

—Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Bonhoeffer wrote with damning ken “cheap grace—

The grace we bestow on ourselves.”

His book rests quietly on my bookcase,

With other sacred books on shelves.


I know that I should be obedient

But would rather delay and stall.

My faith tends to what is expedient.

Disturb the Sunday game? Such gall.


I’d rather profess how much I believe;

On cue recite John 3:16.

Should anyone ask, that is my reprieve

And God’s grace lets me feel serene.


“Justified by His grace” the Bible clearly states.

I attend church and pay my tithe.

Everyone knows I am not a cheapskate

(No one could say that I am blithe).


“And who is my neighbor,” the lawyer asked?

The preacher paused, citing this text.

The Lord’s answer left the lawyer unmasked;

His inquiry was a pretext.


Well, I believe and that’s enough for me.

I pray my neighbor’s life goes well.

My future destiny is heavenly.

When life is done, with Him I’ll dwell.


.           .


“What happened—what?” Last saw the car’s headlights . . .

My Judgment Day is now—I’m due.”

He stood with grieving eyes. I froze with fright.

The Lord said, “I never knew you.”