11-3 The Truth

How serious does one hold the truths of Christianity–to the extent, is one ready to defend core truths in the Church, and the Bible? Are we not apologists? 1 Peter 3:15!

The Truth


The Holy One in flesh once came

To heal and preach and save.

His saints recorded through His Name

The words and works He gave.


The Bible sealed the Spirit’s Word

To dazzle by His light,

Though many view it all absurd—

Trite simpletons recite.


New Agers, Gnostics preen their views

And point to Wisdom’s door.

Their kens are husks they blithely chew,

Imagining they soar.


The task is not like Pharisees

To squeeze through needle’s eye.

Our mission: make known heresies

That fill lost souls with lies.