10-24 The Host

This is a reflection on Jesus’ encounter with a haughty Pharisee. The man hosted this gathering, but also embedded is the idea that he is a host for his self-righteous sin.

The Host


Simon was pleased, with radiant face;

Invited guests to come and dine.

Decorated with festive space,

The meal was served with cups of wine.


The Nazarene was seated too,

And ate the meal set on his plate.

A woman came behind—it’s true—

And at his feet, she fell, prostrate.


With tears and myrrh she wiped his feet.

The host sat back, and stared, surprised.

The guests were stunned and ceased to eat,

And in their hearts each one chastised.


The Prince of Life began a speech:

“Simon, this woman’s love is vast

And wider than the Great Sea’s beach.

Such love as this is unsurpassed.


“Forgiven are her many sins,

For she loves much, her tears have shown.

But he whose love is sparse and thin,

Repentance is like chaff windblown.”