10-16 A Creed in Chains

A reflection based upon 2 Phil. 2:6-11:

A Creed in Chains


The Lord clung not to God’s glory

Although within His grasp,

Nor held an angel’s majesty

As if it was a clasp.


He emptied His omnipotence,

Took a servant’s disgrace.

And in perfect obedience,

He joined the human race.


Humbled still more, His fate was death—

To writhe upon a cross.

He loved them all to His last breath.

They thought that all was loss.


So God exalted Him most high

With name above acclaim.

So Jesus, grace and sanctify,

All those who love your Name.


Above, on earth, below dirt’s floor,

Let every mouth confess.

Proclaim that “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Abba, Abba shall bless!