10-9 The Reality of the Unseen

Years ago when I studied this boon, a chapter captivated me and hence:


“The Reality of the Unseen”

—A chapter title in James’s Varieties of Religious Experience


Six inches last night. Junipers, shagged with snow, bow


as next door, I shovel an elderly couple’s driveway.

Against the whiteness, black asphalt is a desecration.


In the distance, a wind chime pierces the mute cold.

Its character is its destiny, too.


A blue shadow appears unseen behind a house

until the sun peers through clouds.


Some cardinal hops towards a Juniper.

her tracks are twin stick men, raising arms

in exaltation as they multiply behind her.


The Unseen abounds over and under drifts,

peeks through a porch screen slash.


Unseen but visible


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