10-6 Be Still

This about captures my mind when I sit to meditate:

Be Still


Be Still And Know That I Am God; . . .

—Psalm 46:10


Peregrinatio est tacere

—Latin, “To be on pilgrimage is to be silent.”


Thismindisaracingacqeduct of ideasandimagesstreamingmeanderingrandomlyspouting

until these pupils fix on Mr. Cardinal landing on a stainless-steel water dish, tail flitting, head swiveling and tilting, bill dipping and drinking, then bursting upward into    Black Walnut leaves                       this mind—silent for seconds—then


I close the lids and bob in mind’s boiling white-caps ocean—thoughtsthunderinghowlingflashingpoundingbellowingseething…

I           breathe                        slower                             and

slower               and                           slower                     until                       mind


ebbs,                       moonless,                         brainwaves                       smoothing,



quelling,                   level               as              a                pond                     surface—



I                                                       breathe                                            “Abba”



and                                   listen                              for                                            Him



before         the       next     flood of

flashbacksreflectionssideasimagesfanciesdistractions surgesanew….