10-4 The Language of Heaven

The Language of Heaven


Before the beginning the Word was.

Before space and time and phenomena The Word is.

Before ex nihilo The Word becomes.

Before nothing there and nothing not there: I AM.


The Word spoke and sound became light

illuminating the darkness, from seconds

through light years and red shifts—


but darkness within the darkness

saw only noonday eclipses.


The Word whispered and shouted through flesh

over millennia but darkness muted their ears

blinded their eyes dulled their minds


until the hour came. I AM

shined through a corona ovum,

fathered inside her fluid cell


and the Word became blood and bone

and brain to live among us


as the voice of light.


Darkness shadowed His every step

and dimmed one man’s heart in silver sheen,

until the hour came and finally “It is finished!”

cried past Andromeda into infinity.


.           .


The Word ignited a limestone cell

and His pierced heart pumped beams

into the first woman arriving there.


.           .


Darkness within darkness,

it shades and shadows—

but cannot grasp the Word’s light.