9-20 Testimony

Coincidental, this poem shows in my rotation? Mexican earthquake, Trump’s threats at the United Nations, massive hurricane pounding Puerto Rico?



A tectonic shift severs a mountain face from a Canary Island volcano;

the colossal landslide propels fifty-foot Leviathan jaws towards coasts…


magma under the Yellowstone Caldera explodes;

an ash plume lathers the earth and jells in lung cavities…


a three-mile tumbling asteroid collides with Antarctica,

blowing ice flakes and penguin atoms up thirty miles…


axis and allied men launch nuclear missiles,

pulverizing matter into mushroom clouds spilling radioactive rain…


prayers evaporate like rivers and lakes into bloodshot smoke

as monoliths collapse into rubble and ruin…


a rider Faithful and True, eyes flaming like fire,

pilots a celestial horse with armies following:


“Yes, I am coming soon!” (Rev. 22:20)