9-13 Bibliolatry

The rhyme here is a bit strained. Scripture as the Word of God has a few major interpretations, e. g. what does inspiration mean? How is the Bible inspired? I think there is a difference between the Bible being an idol vs. an icon.



Scripture is not an idol

To worship and to pray.

God did not want the Bible

Glued on altar display.


Breath of God or quill of men?

They wrote down what they heard.

From beginning to Amen,

What fountain poured their words?


So fallible men once wrote

What infallible God

Had intended when He spoke?

Is this reasoning flawed?


Either “all is true or none,”

A fallacy no doubt.

Flotsam by water’s bastion

Does not veer the stream’s route.


Spirit infallibly guides

From the writer’s own speech,

Truths that unites and divides.

It’s how to live they teach.


O Word of God incarnate:

The Bible illumes bright.

We feel our spirits pulsate,

So in the world ignite.


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