9-11 Beyond Dark Matter

Beyond Dark Matter


Unheard, somewhere, light years away

Beyond Hubble’s deep field sight—

Hosts of children frolic and sing,

But parents only see night.


Multitudes of babies and boys

And girls, are joined hand to hand.

Their innocent faces beam joy

In moms’ and daddies’ dreamland.


Amena died in a refugee camp…

Sue breathed her last at St. Jude’s…

Asthma stole Ty at a water-slide park…

Baby Sue from a blood feud…


Their moms and dads are crucified

By ache and stabbing pain—

The months and years just dull the wounds

Their hearts barely contain.


But cherub faces bloom bliss and delight!

They play in fun, and vigilant love.

They stand with little arms stretched open wide:

For moms and dads to join them above.




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