8-25 The Fool

The Fool*


Where is the teacher of the law?

The philosopher of this age?

The politician proffers straw

With speeches to chaff and assuage.


To fool the wisdom of the world,

He gave the Word in human skin,

And ever since debate has swirled—

Much to Reason’s constant chagrin.


He does destroy wisdom, those wise,

And brings to naught those shrewd and smart.

He keeps Truth hid in dumb disguise

To only fill a foolish heart.


I am a zealot and believe

I AM made all seen and unseen,

Who picked a virgin to conceive

And gave the world a Son pristine.


Through Galilee He healed and taught;

Evicted demons, raised the dead.

Those poor and needy souls He sought,

And 5,000 he blessed and fed.


The senseless message of the cross,

Are for those fools to whom He called.

The answer to mankind’s pathos,

On ancient parchment, writers scrawled.


Who could believe that in three days—

Raised from the dead? Preposterous!

In Galilee His friends were dazed,

And eons since, bewilders us.


He will return, someday, some time?

Christ crucified was more than cruel;

He was faultless of any crime.

Raised from the dead? A hope for fools


*1 Cor. 1:18-25.


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