8-20 Son Day

Seven Miles from Home


As this evening dims,

cherry blossoms swirl into drifts roadside

and blow pink flakes on my windshield.


A voice hidden between thoughts

murmurs of Him veiled, of those

ancient two walking on a pebbled road

who failed to know the stranger

as they dried their eyes.


He spoke of Sinai and “I did not come to destroy

but to fulfill”1 but His words barely pierced

their plugged ears and scaly eyes. Later, at table,

their hearts stood still: after He blessed bread,

their eyes unscaled. He vanished in a blink.


Driving on that road nearing dusk

as shades and shadows shroud this evening,

His words “slow of heart to believe”2 pierce deep—

as they did to them.


1Mt. 5:17, 2Lk. 24:25