8-13 Son Day

Definitely a profound chapter in John 9. This attempts to capture it in rhyme and rhythm.



He saw a man who, blind from birth,

Sat holding a cup on traveled earth,

As begging was his only worth.


“Whose sin was it? He was born blind?”

“This is no man that sin entwined.

The works I do prove I’m divine.”


The Son of Man spat in the dust,

Molded some clay as red as rust,

And dabbed his eyes for God’s harvest.


“In Siloam’s pool, go wash your eyes.”

He did, and neighbors heard his cries,

“I see! I see!” to their surprise.


“Is this who begged? And now can see?

Is this the man?” He said, “It’s me.”

Jesus rejoiced in sympathy.


Some led him to a Hebrew sect.

They viewed themselves as scribal elect.

The man trembled and beaded sweat.


He said “A man gave back my sight.”

His parents said, “He lived in night

And begged for alms until twilight.”


Again they called the man to them.

They stroked the tassels on their hems,

And readied judgment to condemn.


“The man you claim is filled with sin!”

“I once was blind.” He gave a grin.

“But this I know He let light in.”


They spewed “Where does this man come from?”

The man wondered, “Are you born dumb?”

Although his heart beat like a drum.


“Have you heard, since the word began,

Was there ever born blind, a man

Whose eyes gain sight, by a command?”


They cast him out. He danced away.

Jesus found him that very day.

“Just tell me this, without delay:


Do you trust in the Son of God?”

“Who is, he Lord?” the man asked, awed.

“I AM.” The man bowed with a nod.


Then Jesus said, “The blind shall see.

And you with sight, unknowingly,

Are blind! And yet you say, ‘We see.’”