8-8 In His Own Image

A most fascinating verse is Gen. 1:27 “God created human beings in His own image . . .” I attend a course, “Biblical Theology” and am writing a paper on this topic. What does this mean? A poetical reflection:

In His Own Image

Potter kneaded, patted

wet clay into two adama beings,


then breathed His image

and stored breath in the abyss


of their brains


and hearts.


Potter spoke one single, solitary, sole warning.


She sashayed about,

gazed on a lustrous creature;

its vertical-eye slits piercing hers.

Words slithered off its tongue, until she

turned, strolled through ferns to glistening ripeness

at arm’s span—reaching—plucking a plump fruit—

mouth wetting—pulling it close—opening wide—


.           .


A season passed. They scavenged and

foraged among whirling dust

between two rivers, swatted gadflies, snatched

eggs and nightly did what beasts do.


This night


as he knew her under Eucalyptus boughs,

Potter blew breath into her egg and into

1 squiggler (of 150,000,000)

as it wiggled through jellied skin, and He


seeded generation after generation.