8-7 Psalm 35

A metric reflection on this psalm:

Psalm 35


They dig a pit for me to fall and crash,

As in a landfill under tons of trash.


They hide a net to catch me like a fish;

The plot to wreck my life is their heart’s wish.


They put me to the test, these roaring beasts;

“We have swallowed him up” in wicked feast.


They gnash their teeth and clap their hands in glee.

Who are these foes who tempt and scheme at me?


The world, passion of flesh, and shade of Light—

Their way is slippery and dark as night.


Light of all light: bar their pursuit and plots;

I pray You untie their enticing knots.


Do not let them triumph; drive them away

Like chaff before the wind—free me today.