7-16 Son Day

As those few readers of this site know, I usually paste something centering on Jesus Sundays. I always remember what every Sunday signifies. “What kind of love is this?” a lovely song expresses. Kenosis is a Greek word meaning emptying, as Christ “emptied” Himself of Omniscience, Omnipresence to dwell among us. See Phil. 2:3-10.



Millennia ago, You came to dwell in Adam’s frame,

To teach, to heal, to raise, to set the world of men aflame:

To set mankind aflame, to set mankind aflame,

And in this icy heart, to thaw and melt with lovely flame.


Millennia ago, You rode under the temple’s gate

And whipped away the money-changers’ greed, Your chosen fate:

To bear Your chosen fate, to bear Your chosen fate,

And in this shady heart, to fill with light and venerate.


Millennia ago, it took a cross to raise Your height

and to receive the Name of names to blaze away the night:

To blaze away the night, to blaze away the night,

And in this slothful heart, inspire strength to guide in light.