6-10 Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager


“God is or He is not.” So, take out coins;

If heads “Yes” He is, or tails “No.”

So gamble your life on what Chance enjoins?

(Is eternal fate a coin’s throw?)


Since you must choose, what are the odds and stakes?

What is there to gain and to lose?

What about crystal streams or lava lakes?

(Is this bet a believer’s ruse?)


Out of necessity one wagers life.

So let’s weigh the gain and the loss;

The choice cuts deep as a butcher’s knife,

Chopping between what’s prime and dross.


If “Yes” is wagered, the strategic choice:

There’s all to win and nothing lost.

If that is true, then forever rejoice.

If God is not, then there’s no cost.


If “No” is staked, but at death’s toll He is;

Nothing is gained and you lose all.

So weigh the gain. You must bet on this quiz.

Choose wisely, before curtain call.