7-2 Son Day

Study religions. All have common themes: higher and greater spiritual powers, worship and prayer, and how to keep in good graces therein. Christianity is absolutely unique: “the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.”

This was inspired by an old hymn of the same name that my grandfather, Bill Willis, loved as a bass in his church:

Welcome Happy Morning


In the garden’s break of day,

Women walked their dismal way.

Myrrh and spices they did bring,

Still in anguish at Death’s sting.

Dawn’s pink light was all around,

And to the tomb they were bound.


The gates of Death opened wide;

The massive stone, pushed aside.

They stood, awestruck. An angel said,

“He has been raised from the dead.

In Galilee is where He went.”

There, His words rose like sweet scent:


“I said I’d rise on the third day;

Suffering was the Father’s way.”

He took some bread, offered it.

He pointed to the spear’s slit.

“Thomas, put your finger here.”

“My Lord, My God” he said, sincere.


The Enemy’s reign was done.

Eternal life, Christ has won.

How could I dare fear the grave?

His promise is, He shall save.

My faith is lean, I agree.

Give me the strength to “Follow Me.”