6-23 When Silence Slays

Having participated in our church’s Wed. evening prayer team, weekly I read their prayer requests–full of sorrow, suffering, pleas, and grief. It is an honor to do this and, while impactful, never depressing. This really is about our human condition when tragedy–as it will–strikes us.

When Silence Sways


Oh God, you seem so far, far away—

Farther than Hubble’s Deep Field,

Over our ceiling, the Milky Way,

Or what Higgs boson reveals.


When devil winds fuel wild fires

Or floods fill our homes’ doorways…

When men plot deeds of dark desire

And blast their innocent prey…


When melanoma strikes baby Jan…

Accidents maim on highways…

Were these, my God, your predestined plans?

Are you there? What should we pray?


When silence sways, we feel cast away.

Dear Jesus—come—take our hands.

When life looks bleak as quarries of clay,

Help us glimpse God’s Promised Land.