6-8 The Tenant

Unforgiveness and resentment are the Enemy’s strongholds.


The Tenant

Are you going to let him [her] live rent free inside your head?

—Narcotics Anonymous saying.


When our hearts are pierced by pain

By those who shamed or hurt or harmed

Our kin, our souls, or bone and vein,

We live our days on guard, and armed.


Replay the wrong. Relive the hurt.

Revenge is just. Vengeance is mine.

Poison her name; rip off his shirt

To whip his back and bare his spine.


How does this malice, wrath and spite,

Ferocious passion, bind in hell?

It pricks our soul with viper’s bite;

Venom of bitterness shall swell.


The evil eye, malicious gaze,

The body’s lamp lights from the eye.

The light in us dims in our blaze

And there our heart consumes and dies.


Grievance must end. Forgive that soul.

Evict that person in your head.

Regain the peace your fury stole.

Pray for that mortal—He has said.