5-21 And When from Death I’m Free…

And When from Death I’m Free…

—American folk hymn verse


Beyond my sixtieth year

Shingles drop from the roof.

The foundation has some cracks.

Weathered façade wears proof.


When in the late afternoon

As evening shadows fall,

Birds glide to roost under boughs;

Sun sets—once and for all.


When I breathe my curfew breath,

I know who holds life’s key—

Because He rose triumph,

I’ll live eternally.



Song line from Apple Festival


“Can’t no grave hold my body down—”

Not then, not now, nor age begun:

When Almighty God’s trumpet sounds1

His own shall rise from terra’s ground,

For He said, “Let the thirsty come.”2


1 1 Thess. 4:16, 2 Rev.22:17