5-12 The Beatitudes Abridged

In Matthew 5, 6, and 7, are arranged many of Jesus’ teachings, beyond merely living a lawful, obedient life–as He exposes human thoughts and motives. This is an attempt to highlight some of His words.


The Beatitudes Abridged


In the beginning was the Word of light;

Through Him existence came from deepest night.

In Him was light that shone upon mankind

But Darkness closed their eyes at His clear sight.


He walked through Judea and taught before

Those oppressed and weary. “I am the door

And all who sip my cup and taste my flesh

Are filled and thirst for Jacob’s well no more.”


One day the crowds resembled fields of grain.

He climbed a mount; His wisdom fell as rain.

His disciples sat and looked up at Him.

“Open your hearts, for I teach, once again.


“Blessed are you, whose poor spirit you keep.

The Kingdom of God is where you dwell deep.

Blessed are you who mourn your dead in grief.

My word and my love will grace you with sleep.


“And know forgiveness comes from our true Lord,

That hate rides through Beelzebub’s dark horde.

You must forgive everyone’s sin to you.

Go sever your pride with My cleansing sword.


“Enter the narrow gate; do not be late.

Wide is the gate to waste. It seeks your fate.

The road to follow Me shall lead to life.

The roads of the world shall obliterate.”


“It’s said to shine a lamp above the floor,

So light can fill your room over your door.

But you with shady eyes, your room is dark;

Your luminosity is pitch—no more.


So, what of us? Christ’s truth is absolute.

All other creeds and cults in vain confute.

He’ll build The Kingdom of God as your ground

And sand to pearls into your hearts transmute.


Like snow upon the desert’s dusty face,

It gleams a day to so, then gone. Make haste.

Today is Judgment Day. Tomorrow flies.

Blessed are you who bear fruit in His grace.