5-7 “Spiritual Body”

Soma Pneumatikon


Listen! Here is a mystery.

For flesh and blood cannot discern;

God’s plan will reign in history.

His trumpet blasts our last sojourn.


The Son of Man rides on the clouds

Like lightning from the east to west.

Archangel’s voice shall cry aloud

And gather those into Christ’s breast.


Imperishable you shall rise,

Like light, at sunrise, night sets free.

Immortal as the Kingdom’s sky,

You’ll walk across a crystal sea.


The grave will feast as bodies sleep

From skin to bones under earth’s crust.

But who, O Death, who can you reap?

For you, O Death, are made of dust.


The “sting of death” is but a lie.

The first Adam gave us the key

To lose bondage and let fear die:

For He gave us the victory!