5-6 Revelation, On Deck

Revelation, On Deck


When he was but a wee little nipper,

He fancied loving a disco stripper.


Summer nights, looking at the Big Dipper—

On my yacht, I’ll be her mate and skipper.


At 21 he entered her club, quite chipper.

Plaster her with drinks. She’ll love a lavish tipper.


He bought Zacapa rum, proposed to strip her,

But she yawned—being a dried-out, soda sipper.


Downing his bottle, he rose. I best skip her.


.           .          


Under the stars, he watched the Big Dipper…


Passed out. Dreamt he gave her a golden slipper,

But she hung him with an oversized zipper.


He awoke on a upper parking deck…

   I’ll never find my love at a discotheque.