5-2 The Answer Veiled

Last night some 50 volunteers were trained for the local jail ministry’s annual “hope inside the jail” event. We shall go Sunday p.m. on the jail blocks, for interested inmates, and share the Good News to them. See Luke 4:18-19.

The Answer Veiled


The answer then; the answer now

The answer for the epochs hence:

The answer men and women seek

The answer for malevolence


The answer for the oceans’ rise

The answer for hurt and grieving

The answer to the graveyard bleak

The answer for hate and thieving


The answer God offered to change

Was not a politician’s spell

Not the Higg’s field or cut physique

Nor universe hid parallel.


The answer God offered to change

The hearts of darkness and worldly shine,

Was nailed on beams. God’s wounds would speak

The answer veiled by supreme design.