4-26 Presence.

It is one experience to “know” God’s presence by faith, and quite another to feel God’s presence. Faith is not feeling and in fact, being faithful in absence of feeling is the challenge. I have read this many times. Feelings of peace and assurance occur in a faithful life. At those times–and moments–we live the Greatest Commandment, we are present with God. I try to think “There is Jesus” with everyone I see while driving, malling, volunteering etc. That dissolves the schism.

The Schism


Mystics tell us, “No boundary

Or subject-object rivalry.

The Sacred is not ‘there’ but here;

It is not faraway but near.”


My mind thinks and divides what’s thought,

And lives its life from what was taught.

So “them” and “us” and “me” and “you”

Is what my mind does misconstrue.


The same with God. I think about;

I talk about; I pray about—devout!

But do not words and mental blare

Drown out the chance to be aware?


Wordless, mindless, thoughtless they stress,

So one in stillness, can caress

Here and now, the presence of God—

Speechless, blissful, and simply awed.