4-22 In the Twinkling of an Eye

In the Twinkling of an Eye

—1 Cor. 15+


When cheeks sag and wrinkles furrow faces,

When knees twinge and stomachs stretch and swell,

Or grief stabs and time no way erases,

We lose count of all hellos and farewells.


Grim as this is, a million souls graying,

Eating and drinking, buying and selling,

Healing and killing, owing and paying—

Death ends their day with no foretelling.


Eons ago, a man knew of such things

And wrote about what he had heard and seen.

“What you sow, dies, and becomes as seedlings;

God gives each seed a body as He gleans.


There are bodies of the sun and of the stars

And of the moon. They each have their glory.”

(We can add galaxies filled with pulsars,

As we glimpse the universe’s story).


This ancient man peeked into worlds unknown.

In or out of body, he never knew;

Heard unspeakable words the Spirit sown

About life to come. He gave this preview:


“Rising incorruptible, the body

Shall crest in glory and cosmic power.

Soaring imperishable,” spirit free,

Splashing within luminescent showers.


“Behold, I tell you a mystery:

We shall all be changed with the trumpet’s blast,

As immortality ends history

And death is swallowed up in victory.”