4-19 Lux Aeterna

Odd how inspiration occurs. This branch has been thus for months and anytime I sit on the porch I notice it. Good Friday was when this was prompted. In a way it’s a poetical parable, I think.


Lux Aeterna

—Ln. light eternal


That night, freezing rain

crushed slick boughs.

Evergreens bowed in


glazed sanctuaries.

A long, thin branch

fractured at its base,


hung upside down by

woody fibers—

its upended crown


rocked from icy breaths.

It swayed, storm or shine,

cleaved to mother tree.


.           .


Birdsong crescendos.

Crows caterwaul at

a distant pine. Lime


cascades everywhere.

Wisteria purples

shrubbery with grape shapes.


The branch rises—

green blades crescenting

towards sunny beams.