4-13 When the Hour Came

For Christians, this Passion or Holy Week 2017 rapidly climaxes. We celebrate Jesus’ last supper; Him washing disciples’ feet, betrayal and arrest, and sham “trials.” Hence:

When the Hour Came1


Dread leavened the meal.


The specter loaned silver promises to a man—

to grind the bread of life with his heel.


Rabboni baptized their feet

in water and sweat and tears

for the calloused miles

they knew not they would tread.


He broke His body’s bread

and poured His garden’s cup

as they stared—pupils reflecting candlelight

into His watery eyes.


He gave the son of Iscariot a morsel2 dipped in blood.

The specter entered Judas’ heart of darkness

and whispered the darkest way.


With washed feet, he slunk away


and it was night.3


1Luke 2:14; 2John. 13:26; 3John. 13:29