4-5 Revelation Abridged

Yesterday news claimed Syria gassed and killed some 58 or more civilians; footage showed many lying half-naked, where they were hosed off. Some were dying children, no injuries visible on any so this wasn’t due to shelling and bombing. All were gasping in misery. Of course Assad and Putin denied this.

This is my take on it.


Revelation Abridged


I am the Alpha and the Omega, said He;

Who is, who was, who is to come, eternally.

I hold the keys of death and hell.

Write down now what I shall foretell.


To the churches, He knew what unveils and what blinds:

I am the searcher of men’s hearts and of their minds.

I shall give to each one of you

According to your deeds, what’s due.


From seals of falling stars to plagues of seven bowls,

The ocean turned to blood and the sun burned skin like coals.

The Rider’s name: Faithful and True.

Armies of heaven followed in view.


The evil two were thrown alive in sulfur flames.

The Evil One, thrown in the pit, was bound in chains.

I saw a new heaven and earth.

All the thirsty came for new birth.




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