A year ago today Chris and I began daycare for Emma, a little over 8 weeks old. I have a poetry book @ her on my site petervenable.com

Here’s two.

Let the Little Children


Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,

for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

—Mark 10:14


I watch her shallow, buoyant breaths. Woozy from milk, she nods, sleeps.

Stroking her fuzzy, downy hair and orchid feel of baby cheeks,

How fragile is her tiny heart, pumping in metrical sounds—

And gazing on Creator’s life, each passing second, astounds.


To dangle the furry monkey, her eyes light up from her crib;

She lifts her arms to reach and grope, drooling all over her bib,

Then, squeals in high-pitched, awe-struck glee, to finally grasp her toe.

I thank you Lord, wash the bottle—and prepare for tomorrow.




You’d think she is skewered

in her motorized cradle—

back arched in gymnast landing curve,

legs kicking like pistons,

arms flailing and fists balled,

eyes squinting and tears squirting in arcs,

mouth wide as 1950’s Saturday noon air raid horns,

wailing drowning out Twinkle twinkle,

face jalapeño red


at naptime.