3-16 Theotokos

Some time ago, perhaps in a hymn, anthem or elsewhere, This Greek term captivated me, “God-bearer.” While Catholics deify Mary and pray to her, I as a protestant revere her, and this is an attempt to do so poetically.


—“God-bearer”, title of Mary, Eastern Orthodox Church

“He whom the entire universe could not contain was contained within your womb, O Theotokos.”

—Ancient hymn verse, third century


When it was the time to circumcise

On the eighth day, did you know, Mary?

After the blade pared, as Jesu cried,


Simeon held him—could you foresee

The words he spoke, a prophecy:

“How many would fall and many rise;


The thoughts of many hearts, opened to see;

A light revealed for Gentile eyes;

A sign that most shall scorn and despise?”


Did you ponder, riding toward Galilee,

The last words of Simeon’s prophecy:

“A sword will pierce your own soul”—crosswise?



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