3-14 The Fall

This I caused to happen with Jess. I made damn sure I wouldn’t cause it with Emma. I imagine this has occurred with most parents in some shape or manner. Happy ending!

The Fall


She’s propped on a king-bed pillow

Fingers a diaper snap

Sucks a big toe

He darts from the bedroom

Snatches her juice

From a table in the hall

Steps back through the doorway


To – see – her – fall – from – the – bed

Faster than thought she flips

Bounces on the back of her head

Her diapered bottom splats on the rug.


Fear coils his Adam’s apple

Grabbing her, he moans


Her screams pierce between joints and marrow

Stupidity and laziness

Quadriplegic? Brain stoke?

Cursed with two insatiable jewels, terribly aware

Or left with a two dulled bulbs

Staring into lunar space?


She flails, kicks!

A natural gymnast,

She performed a perfect somersault

Watched by her idiot coach


Who learned distance between

Mind or meat . . . motion or palsy . . .

Is thinner than a thread and how

Grace followed after the fall.