3-8 Apologos Three

One of my fascinations is the phenomenon of worldviews. See Five Worldviews on my site petervenable.com       This addresses this poetically. Ultimately people decided if ultimate truth and reality is natural or supernatural.


Apologos Three


An atheist jeered “Your God is as real

As Santa’s cheer, a phantom from your mind

Whose voice you hear wherever you kneel.”


An agnostic mused, “You just cannot grasp

By sight or sense, on ocean beach or shrine,

About this ‘God’ up to your final gasp.”


A theist spoke. “Carbon-based life we know

Could not exist by chance but by design.

A Designer caused all life to form and grow.”


A super-naturalist listened, then said

“God lives in rocks and trees and in sunshine.

All is one and one is all, is how we’re led.”


The religious believers stood nearby.

One by one they debated and opined.

Each spoke the Truth with all their hearts supply.


Eons ago, the Prefect and the Jew

Faced off under the Light of lights design.

Ponticus queried this meddlesome Hebrew,


Who replied, “My kingdom is not from here.

All who hear the Truth of my voice are mine.”

Pilate asked “What is truth?” and gave a sneer.


Belief and Truth have warred in blood and ink.

But there’s a way to know He is divine.

His well of Truth is deep. Come near and drink.