2-27 Poetics of Fishing

As I was creating a poetry workshop,p and identifying some basic types of speech common to poetry, the following came to mind.

Poetics of Fishing


Image asked “the bare fishhook or fish scales glitters more in moonlight?”

Metaphor said “I fish in troubled waters.”

Simile said “you are more like a fish in troubled waters.”

Alliteration says “fishing is festive under fluorescent lamps”

Allusion said “never fish in the belly of a fish.”

Hyperbole said “the fish that got away was the fish for all the ages.”

Personification said “you smile at troubled figures of speech.”

Paronomasia said “you might not smile at troubled fishes on beach.”

Paradox said “big fish humbles and small fish exalts.”

Metrical Rhyme said “no fish on a dish is caught by a wish.”

Irony said “those wise fish in troubled waters without bait.”

Editors concluded “fishy poems smell at the head first.”