Not a cherry, uplifting composition for this warm Sunday morning in NC.  God’s answer was accomplished twenty centuries ago, when He persuasively exposed and displayed His eternal love for we humans. It is either dominion of sin (will, desires, prejudices, greed etc.) or dominion of Christ (e.g. Gal. 5:22 etc.)


…the sun will be darkened…

—Mk. 13:24


We peer through the TV pane

At refugees in flight

From men with brutal reign


Who shoot and kill, with disdain,

With gasoline, ignite…

And Evil goes insane.


One cries out to God in vain;

One praises God outright—

As history refrains.


Of men’s hearts—who can explain?

A blazing gorge, alight,

Burning through deepest pain.


Eons ago, one was slain

As afternoon turned night

And in a tomb was lain.


God lifted Him up, again,

So He became men’s light

And washed away hate’s stain.