2-16 The Secret


Carl Jung wrote about The Shadow (worthy of your time to look up), the unattractive, anxiety-provoking, and often denied inner memories, fantasies, desires, impulses. Jesus spoke about  removing the log/beam from our eyes before we spot the speck/sawdust in others’ eyes. This is shadow projection. The follow depicts it takes courage to identify, face, and accept this phenomenon; in this case it alludes to childhood fears.

The Secret




To the locked cellar door I sneaked with key.


Unlocking it, I cracked the door


And shined down to the bottom stair, to see


All that had been hidden before.




The warrior king stood sturdy and robust.


Barbie with ponytail looked new.


The flashlight beam remembered childhood trust,


With all the little toy playmates still true.




I stepped down to the cellar floor, in dread,


As sounds of blazing voices roared.


A murky thing stood by the bed,


Leaned over a child with flaming sword.




The child froze—clutched the blanket and sheet.


I’d seen it all, familiar sight.


Teddy glowered from his rocking-chair seat.


I fought my fright to turn, take flight.




Behind in some dark place a calm voice said


“Rise up my child. I am here.”


Holding a tiny hand, upstairs I led,


To shut the door and deadbolt fear.




I offered advice that some saint gave me:


“The thing is dead. Unlock the door.”


I touched the child’s brow, gave up the key.


Stepping outside I yelled “I’m free.”




(Inspired by my clients.)