2-12 science Fiction

Science Fiction


Skewered on a post and beam, he groaned writhed pleaded

sweated out bled out breathed out his last


and his spirit—zero mass and pure energy—

began streaking past the moon, Jupiter’s spot, Pluto…

faster than gamma rays, solar tsunamis,

through neutrino hearts and black hole maws

past Andromeda’s suburbs and event horizons

into the blackest oblivion at -455°

infinitely faster than photons

across fifty-billion light years

in a billionth of a second…


to brake in a sunless place

of luminosity, with shimmering beings

floating towards him like cygnets to a swan,

feathery warmth on his face.


He zoomed back, tearing through space strings

the way a spark does through thread,

through Europa’s krill and moon’s shadow,

into a punctured corpse chilled on a stone ledge.


He sat up, breathed,

brushed aside a massive rock

and walked into dawn’s light.